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What you see here is a carnival made of toothpicks and glue. This carnival has all the components of an old-time carnival: the ferris wheel, a shooting gallery, even a tunnel of love which includes actual water and boats floating through it. And that's just the beginning! This carnival has everything you would find in a carnival "back in the day". Not a detail is missed. Not only that, the rides all work! There are even restrooms! The figures are hand-carved and hand-painted.

Welcome to the Toothpick Carnival website. This is one of many pictures, videos and news articles you will find on this site. Come on in and browse around as we show you a peek into the creative mind and life of William Jennings-Bryan Burke (aka Billy Burke), a very creative and talented artist. Be sure to click the "How it all Began" link to learn more about the architect of toothpick carnivals.

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